Project Borderline is in Portugal!

photo by Bjørn Phillip Hylland Curtis.

November 25th – Good morning Portugal! We crossed the border and arrived to Covilhã in a very foggy morning. First stop, the student residences of Beira Interior University, where we would be staying for the next two nights. Like any other portuguese sunday, we got together for lunch with all the family.. of the Borderline project! After this abundant meal, the filmmakers took the rest of the day to work on the editing. Day two brought us a clear sky that allowed the filmmakers to do some filming and by night we screened the Polyglot – Cineboat short films at the Beira Interior University. This session went pretty fine and the film students that were at the screening had the chance to meet some of the filmmakers and know more about the Borderline project. A small note concerning the filmmaking process.. editing is now on a daily basis schedule. In Covilhã, we truly must thank to Luís Nogueira and Fernando Cabral for the hosting at the University and for the screening session.

November 27th – After Covilhã, we drove to Porto but first we stopped at the Fire Fighting Department of Coimbrões. By this time and after the coverage of the Borderline project from Agência Lusa and several newspapers in Portugal (Público, Diário de Noticias, etc), the Portuguese Television Network, RTP, made a news broadcast on Borderline and our filmmaking adventure. This story can be seen here and starts on the minute 12’30: In Porto, FEST – AC provided the hosting at their local offices, shower, laundry, internet and a great atmosphere. During our stay, the filmmakers divided their time between filming and editing, and.. for last but not least.. we all went to Aviz, to taste one of the traditional Porto dishes, the Francesinha.

November 29th – Leaving Porto and heading to Guimarães. The European Capital of Culture 2012, our last stop, is where the premiere of the films produced during the journey will happen. The screening and gala will take place in Auditório São Mamede (Guimarães) at 21:30 on the next tuesday December 4th. For more information of the venue please visit
Our stay in Guimarães is hosted by the CAAA and the Fundação Cidade de Guimarães, they provided a place to sleep, shower and laundry. Together with the CAAA, the Design Institute provides the filmmakers a place to work and internet. For this we must also thank to Rodrigo Areias, Luísa Alvão, Ricardo Freitas and João Lopes. Regarding the filmmakers, in Guimarães most of them are focusing their efforts on the editing because in a couple of days they must end their film for the screening premiere at Auditório São Mamede.
On the day of our arrival in Guimarães there was a huge traditional party called “Festa do Pinheiro” meaning Pine Tree Party. This party occur each year in November and gathers thousands of people to play drums all over the night. The pine tree is carried around the city and is finally planted more a less at 4 am when the night is still a child and the drummers are still full of strength. The party and the drums keep going until 8 am and further… simply out of this world.

Being Guimarães the European Capital of Culture in 2012, the city breathes culture and cultural events are happening in each corner. Between so many others, during the next days until the Borderline’s premiere on the 4th, Guimarães hosts the Primavera Club’s autumn edition.
Check the website of Guimarães ECOC 2012:

December 2nd – The editing becomes a race for the filmmakers, the premiere day is two days from now and there is still a lot of work to be done. Nevertheless all the filmmakers are very focused and concentrated on getting the best result of their footage. We are definitely excited to watch their films and the result of the amazing ride that has been project BORDERLINE!

For more information about the Borderline premiere please visit

Pedro Pinto
Production Team

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