Vasco Mendes was born in Porto, Portugal in 1987 and he grew up filming homemade videos with family and friends. One day, he stole his grandfather’s camera to film a music concert and since then, the importance of music and rhythm on his work became more and more strong. This relationship took him to direct several music videos and short-films where music, rhythm and cinema come across each other.

Athanasia Michopoulou was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where she took her bachelor degree in Communications and Media Studies. In 2007, she went to faraway and cold Denmark to study Filmmaking at the European Film College, after which she will be unemployed probably forever. She claims to primarily be a filmmaker, with large experience in indie films, having helped extensively productions of fellow friends of the same D.I.Y philosophy. Her aspirations are (surprisingly) to work in cinema as a director making a living out of it and to learn how to kite surf. Neither has been realized to date.


Anna Rok was born in 1986 in Warsaw, graduated theatre studies at State Theatre Academy in Warsaw, Poland. Freelancer. Collaborator of Association of Creative Initiatives „ę“. Filmography: “Lost property office“ 9‘ 2011 Poland,  “Il pleut“ 6‘ 2010 Université de Nanterre in Paris, France.
I’m keen on sound and bicycles. In the very beginning I was recording and creating sound collage’s from my trips. In the meanwhile I dived into a documentary field. I like to communicate with people and documentary for me is about that. I’m very close to DIY attitude. I work as a sound operator in short documentary productions. I created several video documentation for cultural institutions where I was responsible for the images and editing. I want to make my own project as well. I would like to cross the world of documentary, sounds and creative storytelling.


Pedro Almeida was born in Setúbal, Portugal
 in 1991. “During the secondary school I made a regular 3 years informatics course. During the course I discovered and gain a special taste for photography. One year after completing the course, and after working in a telemarketing company to bought my own reflex, I applied for college and eventually entered in Abrantes, in the Vídeo e Documental Cinema degree. After making some school projects, and with that being well received in several festivals around the country (FEST, Curtas, DocLisboa, Caminhos, etc), I’m now in the last year of the degree and I’ve directed the following short-films: 
Forgotten (2011), Because you are Breathing (2012), and Paper Landscapes (2012). Right now I’m looking for an internship so I can finish my degree and then, probably, continue the studies in cinematography.”


Bjørn Phillip H Curtis was born in Norway in 1986.
“I am a 25 year old man who lives currently in Oslo, Norway. I moved here for my passion and to pursue my new career within film, camera and lighting. My journey started in 2008, where I chose to quit my job as a copper and tin smith, taking up a loan and going to film school. From there my passion for the visual part of film started to grow, and I soon realised that I wanted my future career to involve cinematography. After two years of studying film and working on different projects in Norway, I decided to move to Cape Town, South Africa, for a year to finish my Bachelors degree within cinematography. This was a tremendous learning experience for me culturally, mentally, and as a filmmaker. Constantly being in a creative environment with people who are in love with what they want to become is extremely inspiring. So from here on my passion for film and storytelling grew immensely.”


Joe Harris was born in Huntingdon, England in 1984.
“Born into an agricultural lifestyle, the course of my life would inevitably be influenced by the peace and solitude of the countryside. In an environment with such a low ‘noise floor’, and yet surrounded by a wealth of interesting sounds, it would have been hard not to become intrigued and passionate about the audible world. And so began the journey to becoming a ‘soundie’ – although the road was a rather meandering one.
The vague pursuit of a career in sound would see me complete a degree in Audio and Music Technology, during and after which I also began to work voluntarily on short films and other projects such as theatrical comedy, designing sound and mixing live.
It was in London that I finally managed to carve out a niche for myself that is, for now, both sustainable and satisfying. Dividing my time between feature, short, documentary and corporate film, and some TV, I have an enjoyably varied work life. But my feet are eternally itchy…”


Fernanda Pessoa is brazilian and has been living in Paris for a year, where she´s finishing her master´s degree in cinema studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Born and raised in São Paulo, where she graduated in filmmaking, she has lived in Arizona, USA, and Buenos Aires, Argentine. She has been working with video for a few years, both in Brazil and France, in different areas – either directing, filming or editing. She´s passionate about cinema, languages and analog photography.


André Marques is a Portuguese-born London-based award-winning writer/director. He has experience in fiction, documentary, experimental and high-standard advertising & promos, having worked for household brands like Nike, EMI, Burberry, among others.
His short films have been screened in more than 50 festivals, including the Berlin Festival, and have won several prizes (“Cacho Pallero Award” at Huesca IFF in Spain; “Best New Director” at Entretodos IFF in Brazil, with a jury presided by Fernando Meirelles (City of God); etc).


Adelina Bichis is a Romanian editor based in London. She took a BA in Film Editing and Sound at the National Film School in Bucharest, which led her to work as an assistant editor for Francis Ford Coppola’s film “Youth Without Youth”. Later on she graduated the National Film and Television School in UK, where she completed with Honours an MA in Film Editing. Throughout the years she has edited several award-winning fiction, documentary and experimental films.


Amadeu Pena da Silva is a young filmmaker from Porto, Portugal. He studied at ESMAE in Porto and has several short films to his belt with a healthy presence in national and international film festivals.




Tanya Hernández Velasco was born in Mexico City, 1989.
After studying film direction in Mexico City, she currently lives in Barcelona where she studies a master in Documentary Filmmaking in Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Passionate about traveling, music, poetry, photography, good food and dancing, there is nothing she enjoys more in the world than a good conversation. Filmmaking for her is a way to establish dialogue with others and of course, with herself.

Sam Goldwater was born on June 11, 1987.



Daniel Halsall was born on October 7, 1989.