On the road!

Project Borderline on the road!!

Between November 17th and 20th we had a great stay at Madrid with the amazing Colin Arthur and his beautiful wife Sarah Pooley. Thanks for welcoming us, for the hospitality, for being so damn nice to us, for the life lessons and for taking care of us as family! Also Colin, thanks for the mechanic lessons, me (Pedro) and Ana (the driver) are now prepared to major on bus mechanics 😉
Madrid treated us very kindly and the project gave the opportunity to the 13 filmmakers to meet and mingle with this great genius of the animatronics/special effects, creator of Falcor from Never Ending Story and the Apes from 2001 Space Odyssey, between so many others.

After Madrid we went to Granada, where we stayed in Atarfe, a small village that used to be one of the most industrialized places in Spain. From the 20th to the 22nd we stayed at Casa Ludos, an academy for children, and for that we must thank to Fidel Castillo, the Director of Casa Ludos, his sister Eva Castillo and Paqui, his cousin. They were awesome with us and we truly must thank to Fidel for being so kind and for having the patience to host 17 people at his house. You are one of a kind.
Granada is very nice, the city is beautiful and it’s one of the best places for tapas in Spain so we couldn’t ask for more. Alhambra is beautiful from inside and it’s also amazing when you see it at the Albaicín neighborhood from San Nicolas, one of the best panoramic viewing points to the Alhambra and also to the city of Granada and the sunset. Let’s wait to see how did the filmmakers took advantage of the city’s atmosphere and also of the combination between ancient and recent architecture, together with the sun light “touching” this type of constructions.

Borderline filmmakers are now filming at Sevilla!!! It’s a sweet town where people are very nice and social. The Flamenco has a special place in the city culture, Triana neighborhood was traditionally populated by sailors and potters, construction workers and artisans, with many bull-fighters and Flamenco singers and dancers living in the neighborhood as well. The city architecture also follow an old and new combination and offers a lot of roof spaces from where you can have great sight viewings. The best one might be from the “Setas”, a huge mushroom structure built in the middle of “Plaza Mayor”, right in the town center, from where you have a 360º view all over the city.
The Guadalquivir river is also a precious part of the town, giving it a bohemian look and a taste of freshness while the summer brings the 45ºc that Sevilla is used to.
We stayed at the Oasis Hostels Backpackers’ Palace, a precious place in the town center. For that and many more we must thank to Helene Stenhaug. She took care of most of the production in the city and she also showed us the Sevilla lifestyle. Being so nice and proactive, we definitely couldn’t ask for more. She had to go back to Norway one day before our departure but we hope that she can travel with us in future projects. By the way happy birthday Helene!!!
An also happy birthday to Adelina Bichis, one of the 13 filmmakers that won the prize for best smile and laugh between the crew!
Ignacio Morales Arias is also part of the production team and he helped filmmakers moving around the city, provided contacts of immigrant associations and will help us move all the gear from the hostel to Multiparking Bus Sevilla, where we parked our bus. So many thanks to Helene and to Ignacio!

Today, November 24th, the filmmakers have their last day at Sevilla and we’re guessing that a lot of good footage will come with that! We are now preparing the trip to Covilhã because tomorrow we’ll cross the border to Portugal! So let’s enjoy the day and say a proper goodbye to Spain! Thanks for treating us so well!

More news and stories coming up soon!

Pedro Pinto
Production Team

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